First cooked breakfast in the new place

Surely there’s no better way to get settled into a new abode than by enjoying a late cooked breakfast on a Sunday morning.  I’ve found a great local butcher on the Lisburn Road called Abbot’s and they even sell their own vegetable roll.

Having spent the last few years in Dublin I was very used to having white or black pudding with my cooked breakfast, but since moving back north I have become reacquainted with the delicious vegetable roll.  It’s usually made with a spiced beef mix, and can include onions, carrots, leeks or whatever the butcher fancies.  The Angus Farmshop in Greyabbey even put Brussels Sprouts into their veg roll on the odd occasion.

But possibly my favourite way to enjoy the unadulterated pleasure of that spicy beef mix is lightly fried, in a soft white bap, with lots of brown sauce and melted butter.

A proper Belfast cooked breakfast, potato bread, bacon, sausage, free range egg, mushrooms, baked tomatoes and vegetable roll.


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I'm a Belfast native, living in Dublin who is passionate about good food, wine and beer, and all the excellent produce that Ireland has to offer. View all posts by The Pickled Quince

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