The Yellow Door on my doorstep…

How lucky could I be, to have moved back to the Lisburn Road, only a hop, skip and a jump from the eating institution that is the Yellow Door?  Very…

The Yellow Door is one of those places you dream of when considering the great culinary lunchtime invention that is the sandwich.  I mean, not all sandwiches are created equal, there’s places where you can get a sandwich and it keeps you going, but if you want to eat a sandwich of epic proportions, crammed with beautiful, fresh tasty ingredients, in between two hand cut slices of freshly baked bread, then get to the Yellow Door.

The Yellow Door on the Lisburn Road is a no frills place, with minimal seating, and the sandwich menu is located behind the counter on a chalk board.  Fillings range from chorizo and goats cheese, to duck with hoi sin sauce, roast chicken with various sauces, roast Galloway beef (still pink and juicy) and baked ham, to name but a few.  Once you’ve chosen your filling, you get to choose what type of bread you want, white, brown, granary, focaccia or ciabatta, all freshly hand baked.

Now I’m a man that likes his Club sandwiches, I do find it very hard to resist a Club when I see one on a menu and today was no different, I did briefly ponder some of the more adventurous combinations (chicken with lemongrass, garlic and coriander has been mentally parked for next time), but in the end the Club won out.  If you sit in you get a couple of side salads in addition to the sandwich, but it’s the sandwich that is the main event.

This thing was colossal, I could hardly get my laughing gear around it, but boy did I try!  A truly beautiful sandwich of thick slices of tender roast chicken, combined with salty bacon and sharp cheddar, crunchy fresh salad, a healthy dollop of the in-house sun dried tomato mayonnaise, in between two slices of beautifully fresh granary bread, which had a really good malty flavour.  With so much shop bought bread these days, you forget what hand baked artisan bread tastes like – there is love in that bread, and I’ll put money on it that the baker kisses each loaf as it goes into the oven!  That’s what makes this a winning sandwich, and makes it very hard for other delis to compete.  The counter staff even offered to cut the rind off the bacon, that’s never happened before and it’s a pet hate of mine having to rifle through your sandwich to pick out the bacon fat, great to see such close attention to detail.

I’ve no doubt The Yellow Door will continue to be a great Northern Irish culinary institution and they show no signs of resting on their laurels, you should see what they can do for weddings, their catering is something else.  The counter is always busy with plenty of sandwiches to be made, and there is also a steady stream of regulars who call in specifically to buy bread to take home.  Their range of breads are displayed proudly in baskets at the front window, but by early afternoon, there’s not much left to choose from.  They also do an array of mouth watering patisserie items, such as caramel squares, raspberry and almond tarts, pies, quiches and sausage rolls.  It must be good because not so long ago half the Ulster Rugby team where in getting there sandwiches, and let’s be honest, a rugby player isn’t going to want to eat just any old sandwich, those boys eat a lot.

For a sandwich and a bottle of sparkling water, to sit in I paid £6.40, which in my mind is great value for the quality of the food.  To buy a sandwich to take out, it’s only £3.95.

The Yellow Door

427 Lisburn Road


T: 028 9038 1961

They’ve also got two more outlets in Portadown and Lisburn.


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