Breakfast burrito for a Sunday brunch…

Burritos are everywhere these days and I have to say I’m very happy about that.  I thought I was going to have burrito withdrawal symptoms when we left Dublin, as I was a big fan of Boojum, but I was very pleased to see the familiar Boojum logo when I was walking up Botanic Avenue – the burritos in there are gorgeous – street food is the next big foodie trend apparently.  I mean how can you go wrong with burritos, some sort of slow cooked tender meat, with rice, beans, sour cream, guacamole, and a spicy salsa, all wrapped up in a soft tortilla wrap.  They really are the best kind of ‘fast’ food there is.

So with my inspiration taken from that wonderful Mexican culinary invention I decided to make a breakfast burrito for brunch today.

I had got some good quality bacon and beef sausages from Abbot’s butchers on the Lisburn Road, which I fried in the pan and then placed into a hot oven for 10 minutes, just to make sure the sausages were cooked through and the bacon was crispy.  I then sliced up some red onion and spring onions, fried them in the same pan until they were starting to go a little bit charred and sticky.  Then I beat 3 eggs and made an omelette.

Then it was just a matter of putting it all together.  I warmed a couple of tortilla wraps, cut the sausages length ways, laid them in the wraps, and put the bacon in as well.  I cut the omelette into thick strips and placed on top of the sausage and bacon.  To finish I added a few spoonfuls of good quality tomato salsa, scattered over the fried onions, wrapped it all up and got stuck in.  The next time I make this I’m thinking a few fried potatoes would be nice and a bit of guacamole too.


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I'm a Belfast native, living in Dublin who is passionate about good food, wine and beer, and all the excellent produce that Ireland has to offer. View all posts by The Pickled Quince

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