A ruby red breakfast compote…

I love the idea of some lightly stewed fruit for breakfast, served cold with a dollop of natural yoghurt and a sprinkling of toasted seeds and nuts.  I had a punnet of strawberries and plums that were both a bit under ripe so these were ideal.  The great thing about making a fruit compote is that not only do you get sweet juicy fruit, but cooking the fruit in a splash of water brings out all the natural juices, which creates an accompanying tangy syrup.  The strawberries and plums together produce a rich deep ruby sauce, giving the yoghurt a sexy ripple effect.

You could try any combination of soft fruits, I reckon apricots and raspberries with a dash of vanilla extract and orange zest would be beautiful.  This is the kind of breakfast food that reminds me of breakfast cafes in Australia, it’s got the same quality of freshness and flavour but also is a healthy start to the day.  It would be good with a couple of slices of French toast or big fluffy buttermilk pancakes and a cappuccino of course.

There’s no exact measurements for this recipe, it’d dead simple, all I did was put a punnet each of strawberries, which I kept whole and plums, which I quartered into a pot.  To this I added a sprinkling of sugar, a couple of star anise and a cup of water.  Bring to the boil, then gently simmer for a few minutes until the fruit has become knife point tender.  The smell of the fruit as it cooks is amazing, the sweetness of the strawberries and plums with the hint of aniseed from the star anise is a winning combination.

Be careful not to overcook the fruit, as you don’t want to be eating fruit soup for breakfast, it’s important the fruit still holds its shape.  Taste the syrup to see if it needs any more sugar, I like my compote quite tangy so I try to add as little sugar as I can get away with.  For me the whole point of a fruit compote is that I want to taste the fruit, not a mouthful of sugar.  Allow the fruit to cool and then cover and keep in the fridge, it should keep for a week.  This would also be a great addition to porridge or homemade granola.

Star anise



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