Why run?

Not just a food blog anymore – not going to limit myself – so I feel like writing about why I run…

What do I think about when I run? Nothing and everything…I don’t dwell on specific thoughts, I let my thoughts wash through my mind, my thoughts are fluid, thoughts just flow, from one to the next…

I think deeply about Aine and Flynn, about how lucky I am to have them in my life. Running gives me the space and perspective to appreciate everything good I have in my life. I think about my relationship with my parents, and how fortunate I am to have grown up with them, my childhood, and what it must be like for them to look at me now with my own son. All at once 36 years seems to stretch into the horizon, but yet it’s disappeared within the blink of an eye.

When I run I can think about my life in a very wide-angle continual perspective – it’s as if I can see all the scenes that have made up my life to that very second, and then if I want to I can slow it down, and zero in on a particular moment or person and fully appreciate everything about that single point in time in utter positivity and complete lack of judgement.

Running is my calm place, devoid of all anxiety or worry – running is peace of mind. It is my way of reminding myself of all that I have, I don’t dwell on things that I don’t have – and by running and experiencing the pure joy of moving and working your body, breathing deeply and feeling your heart beat strong and hard, to feel that life force within you – it’s the life force that connects you to all the people you have close.

At some point on a long run, the feeling of joy, the life force, along with the complete devotion and appreciation for the family and friends you have in your life – it all blurs into one wave of crackling electric emotion that you can feel across your skin, and for a few seconds you are purely in the moment, standing at the top of the mountain, surveying all that you are lucky to have.

Every run is a pure expression of the gratitude I feel for my wife, my son, my parents, my extended family and the friends I’ve made along the journey so far – every run is my tribute to them.

This is why I run.

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