Into the West…


This year’s holiday was a week in the West of Ireland, during the first week of October. I love Autumn in Galway, but coming back here always stirs up a lot of emotions in me. When I was 23 I was persuaded by my now wife to move to Galway. I was lucky enough to meet Seamus Sheridan and blag a job in his cheese shop. So began my love affair with good food.I feel very privileged to have spent time within the Galway foodie circle that emanated from Sheridan’s Cheesemongers.

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Could the burrito be a super food?

Boojum burrito and cold beer

Hi, my name is Jeremy and I am a burrito addict. I’ve been addicted to burritos for quite some time now…

The first throes of my burrito addiction began on an innocent trip a few years ago to San Francisco. Ever since that first bite of a Mission burrito the world has been permanently tilted on its axis.

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Brewing up a Northern storm…

Let’s be honest, we like a drink in this country, but if you stopped to ask the person on the street to name an Irish beer you’ll probably hear the same big brands repeated over and over again. But 175 years ago things were very different with 17 small breweries in Northern Ireland and 154 in the Republic of Ireland. Continue reading

Italy part 2: Sicily

We were leaving the civilised rolling vineyards and refinement of Tuscany for the saline grittiness of Sicily.  Sea, cragged coast line, salty locals, an island a law unto itself. The ocean was calling us, we were ready to immerse ourselves in the baking sun and cooling water for a week and gorge on the freshest of seafood.

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Neill’s Hill…

Who’d have thought that the East Belfast suburbs of Belmont and Ballyhackamore would ever be in a position to claim rights as the new up and coming foodie spot on the outskirts of the city? I can say that because I grew up in this part of town, and fond memories of eating out in the east are few.  Although as a 10-year-old it was hard to say no to a special fried rice, with an egg on top, followed by a bowl of jelly and ice-cream at the Eda Inn Chinese on the Belmont Road. A cheeseburger from Nibblers came a close second.

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Asian inspired chicken noodle soup…

A steaming bowl of goodness.

As a cheesemonger in Galway in my early 20s, the only thing that would ever cure a raging hangover was a lunchtime visit to Da Tang Noodle house on Middle Street.  Once I’d slurped and lip smacked my way through a steaming bowl of their spicy chicken noodle soup, electrolyte levels re-balanced, all washed down with a cold Tingstao beer, the world was a better place and I was ready again to extol the virtues of a stinky Epoisses or a mature Appenzeller to the Galway masses. Continue reading

Inishfood – The future of food belongs to the gourmet

The beautiful Inishowen peninsula

After missing last year’s Inishfood I certainly wasn’t going to let that happen a second year in a row so to say I was looking forward to Inishfood 2012 was an understatement.  Driving to Harry’s restaurant at Bridgend in Donegal on the Saturday morning I was full of anticipation as to what I would learn, who I would meet and what I might taste. Continue reading